Icons for a personal project
iOS Icon
An icon for a music downloading app. Not in use.
Axiom iOS Icon
An icon I made for fun of an M-Audio Axiom. The .psd is available to download. Download
Equaliser UI
Made for practicing UI work
iOS Icons
Icons for clients, the one on the left is available in the App Store, the right is unused.App Store
An iOS icon theme I was working on. Download
Pok├ęball Icon
A Pok├ęball icon made for practice. Available for download (OSX Only)Download
Folder Locker UI
A UI for and idea I had for being able to secure folders
Hi, I'm Jack and I am an visual interface designer living in Glasgow, Scotland. I specialise in icon and user interface design for mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad and Android.
I'm currently available for work, if you would like to collaborate on a project or you just have a question, please contact me. If you would like to know what I'm working on at any given time, follow me on Dribbble.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!
Jack Thomas's CV Download